In this session we decided not to use a storage container because it would be hard to get it in the mall and it wouldn’t be easy to move in case we needed to. For the rest of the lesson my team mate and I discussed what we would want our pop up store to […]

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My team mate and I created a Pinterest account and searched for pop up stores so we could  get an idea what a pop up store  looks like. Then we pinned some pop up stores  which we liked so that  we could get inspiration for what we would want a store to look like . […]

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Trickle up Trickle down

  Trickle down- Trickle down is where an outfit has been taken from the runway and these outfits are expensive so the people who are wealthy can afford . Then the outfits will be taken to the high street but the outfits will be changed but they’ll still have the same features from the original outfit […]

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In my opinion technology has a big impact on fashion because now they have found out how to  incorporate technology in clothing without setting on fire or irritating people while they are wearing it . Here’s an example of new technology that has been created in 2015 by Anouk This is what a person has […]

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