I have learnt more about technology and how it affects fashion and I thought that was  very interesting to put on my blog. I’ve also learnt how to  design a pop up store and research for everything that needs to be in the store and the prices for the items so it’s like me and my team mate are creating an actual store and having our own business and knows how it feels to do that and how it would actually feels like for an actual person who does this in reality also how much effort you have to put into it .

I’ve never done a blog for and I thought it would be boring but it turns out it was fun to create my own blog and look at other blogs and how they have presented. Through out making this blog it got really interesting because I love presenting things in my own way and getting a list of what I have to put on the blog and researching them particular things was hard but some of them was easy but after finishing this blog I would like to create another blog again .


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