In my opinion technology has a big impact on fashion because now they have found out how to  incorporate technology in clothing without setting on fire or irritating people while they are wearing it .

Here’s an example of new technology that has been created in 2015 by Anouk

This is what a person has said about the new technology what has been invented by Anouk.
Anouk’s work tries to imagine how new high tech materials combined with smart sensors and actuators can impact the ways we connect, communicate and relate to one another. She believes technology will transform from the role of a ‘device’ towards functioning more as an integrated medium. As ‘wearable electronics’ like smart watches and trackers have fully arrived and it’s time to look at what more fashion has to offer.

here’s an example of  another technology that has been incorporated with fashion by a fashion designer called Richard Nicoll 


The designer’s show was a display of fashion meets technology, with disco dresses and holographic textures featuring heavily. Sports-luxe separates were also key to the minimalist collection.

Here’s a quick preview of the dress on the runway in London at the start of the video.

Here’s an article on a new technology called catalytic that has been collided with fashion this is my favorite example of technology  because its so interesting and i would like to investigate more about this technology because its something that i dont know how its been made because it purify the  air my only question to the person who invented this is how does it purify the air and how has it been made.


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