Marketing Mix


Product- The product is what the customer wants

Place- A place where there’s a load people and a good idea for a place to have a shop is where there would be a coffee shop or some where you could eat because people will walk past the shop and look inside and see something they would like or they would want to look around in the shop . for example in the hay market in Leicester there’s a cafe Nero and opposite cafe Nero there’s a H&M so people can have something to eat and look inside H&M. Another place to have  shops is in the high cross because high cross is like the main attraction in town for people because a load of people go into the high cross because there’s a variety of  brands and places where you can look inside and  you could eat so that’s a good place for shops to be .

Price – you can get discounts , prices that customers will pay depending on the brand name, the shop gives you an amount of time to return the garment .

Promotion– promotion is where you promote your brand on social media like Facebook , twitter and other websites so you can interact with your customers tell them that you have a sale day or you can get 10% off every single clothing , or you can get a student discount if you go to college or university . have manikins with clothing showing what they have in the store or whats new so they can attract customers for example they have a small collection of summer , winter , spring clothing they bring out there best clothing at the front of the shop and have a summer , spring , winter theme going on in the background so it attracts the customer even more . another way to promote your brand is have a small group of staff members handing out flyers to customers.



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