Trend Predication

What is a fashion calendar  ?

A fashion calendar is where it tells you the main fashion events are on and where they are located. Where would you find it ? You would find a fashion calendar on google , Magazines ,british fashion council, what is trend prediction? Trend prediction is where you predict the new trend in 2 or 5 years time , you also predict the new shapes.

how is it used in the fashion industry ? Trend prediction helps

how is trend predication used in my own work?

I’m changing the shapes of the clothing and developing that one style over and over again what does a

trend prediction role -A trend predication person has the responsibility to discover the new trends and innovative styles to predict the good future trend for the next couple of years or the new season.

image This an example of promostyle trend predication board. In my opinion it’s simple and when I looked it I knew exactly what the new trend that are going to be for young kids and what colors there are going to be , style and material. image Here’s another example of a trend predication board from trend union. Again it’s simple and it gets straight to the point about what the new trend is going to be in a couple of years time . The style , colors and what kind of material they would use to create the garments with.


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