Haute Couture

Haute Couture is a form of art inseparable from fashion that achieved some of it’s finest moments in the years leading up to the 1960’s .Whether celebrated or decried, sought after or spurned , Haute Couture is recognized as a discipline. It’s components the precious materials used and the meticulous attention to details on Haute Couture dress that have  been hand sown. Haute Couture was invented by Charles Frederick Worth ,an English couturier who established his business in 1858. Frederick used live mannequins , He presented his outfits to Parisians , creating novel designs that were organized in collection that were presented in several times a year. In my opinion on haute couture it takes time and a creative mind to get these perfectionist designs. Haute couture designs can be simple but bold at the same time so when you see it on the runway your thinking wow!!. Some designs can be outrageous with loads of little details that people have hand sowed by themselves or with other people . Haute Couture designs are unique and nobody would be able to do that design again because it takes  patients to do it and have the accurate patterns to make it up again that’s why Haute Couture is one off.


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