Marketing Mix

4ps Product- The product is what the customer wants Place- A place where there’s a load people and a good idea for a place to have a shop is where there would be a coffee shop or some where you could eat because people will walk past the shop and look inside and see something […]

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Haute Couture

Haute Couture is a form of art inseparable from fashion that achieved some of it’s finest moments in the years leading up to the 1960’s .Whether celebrated or decried, sought after or spurned , Haute Couture is recognized as a discipline. It’s components the precious materials used and the meticulous attention to details on Haute […]

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Scale Diversity

Local stores                                            Mail order                        Global                     Button Boutiques               […]

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What is marketing ?

Social Media– Live stream. Fashion Magazine. sales- profit sales – January / new seasons. Fashion weeks. Memorable sales techniques. personal inspiration. product placement in TV programs. Advertising- cinema-selling a product-Tv adverts-Billboards-Buses. Fashion bloggers. Visual merchandising-store atmosphere. Creating commercial ideas. Customer profit. Fashion magazine-catalogues.

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